Monday, December 18, 2017

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Below you will find individual sections pertinent to the overall operation of the league including; league related forms and applications, current Pony and Hart amended rules, league bylaws, LiveScan information and other important support materials. If you would like additional documents added to this section or have a recommendation for content improvement please contact the webmaster or IT Manager.

2017 League Rules - (Rev. 2/08/2017)
2017 Rules of Play - (Rev. 2/08/2017)
League Bylaws - (Rev. 1/19/2015)
Hat Pick Process - (Rev. 1/10/2017)
Batting Cage Rules & Layout Map - (Rev. 11/06/2017)

Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Age Chart - (Rev. 4/18/2016)
2017 Risk Management/Livescan Info - (Rev. 2/02/2017)
2017 Livescan Form - (Rev. 1/26/2015)
LiveScan No Longer Interested Release - (Rev. 1/06/2013)
Hart Manager Evalulation Form - (Rev. 3/31/2014)
Managers Application Form - (Rev. 4/12/2010)
This form must be submitted by all prospective managers who have not managed at Wm. S. Hart Baseball & Softball within the past calendar year.
2018 Schedule Request Form - (Rev. 11/27/2017)
Need a special request for your game schedule (Baseball Only)? See attached and we will do our best. No guarantees.
Game / Incident Report - (Rev. 4/12/2010)
Forms for reporting on or off field incidents.
2017 Medical Claim Form - (Rev. 12/29/2016)
Medical Claim Form Instructions - (Rev. 12/29/2016)
2017 Directors and Officers Certificate - (Rev. 12/29/2016)
2017 Certificates for Schools & Parks - (Rev. 12/29/2016)
2017 Addt Insured Cert - (Rev. 12/29/2016)
Pony Baseball Social Medial Guide - (Rev. 2/09/2017)
Complex Map - (Rev. 2/20/2017)
Know your way around our complex!!!!

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Umpire Fees - Explained
Please see documents below for information on umpire payments. Fees are same as 2015. Please contact our Chief Umpire, Jim Betbeze, with any questions HERE. Umpires arepaid prior to the start of each game. No checks, no change.

» 2016 Umpire Fee Schedule.pdf
» Guidelines for Rainout 2016.pdf