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Notes from the Commissioner
I wanted to write you to give you an update on Hart Softball as we approach the end of the season. While this message is long, it is full of information related to Hart Softball and explains a number of things that may never have been explained before.

Having Fun - The main focus for all of the girls at all ages that play in our league should be to have fun playing softball. Too often this season the "adults" on the field forget that very simple goal. Contrary to what many people think, winning or losing games often has little impact on whether the girls are having fun. Girls and families who are not having fun quit playing softball.

There is a saying that applies to most kids "Boys need to win to feel good, girls need to feel good to win." Keeping that in mind, especially if you or your coach is a person who desperately wants to win, make sure to always remember: to get the best effort from your girls, make sure they are having fun.

While there are girls nearly every season who played at Hart and go on to secure college sports scholarships, almost every parent of those players will tell you the same thing if you ask them - they have to like playing, they need to want to play. There are multiple families who have daughters on scholarship at division 1 schools who have siblings in the Hart Softball program currently who will tell you the same thing if you ask them.

The Season - Believe it or not we are now winding down our 3rd month of the season. Most teams only have a handful of games left before playoffs.

Playoffs - All teams in all divisions - except Filly - will participate in a double elimination playoff. The playoff schedules will be posted in the next few days. Keep an eye out for them.

Manager Evaluations - While the goal each season for every team is to put managers in place that provide the best experience for EVERY player, we need to make a leap of faith that those managers are going to provide that experience. Unfortunately, while those managers are putting in hundreds of hours that often go unrewarded or worse, there are occasions where some people are just not what we are looking for to lead a team. While the directors at Hart spend a lot of time watching games and generally observing, there is no way that we can be everywhere at all times. In a never ending effort to improve the Hart program, a survey has been put together that we are asking people to fill out and return directly to me either by email or to be placed in my folder in the back of the canteen. That survey is attached to this message and can also be found on the Hart Web Site under forms.

Post Season Teams - There are two different kinds of post season teams in our program - Tournament and All-Star.

Tournament Teams - These teams are comprised of the highest level players who are voted onto teams by the managers in each division. Players must make significant financial AND time commitments to be on one of these teams. While the financial commitment will vary widely depending on the team, it would not be uncommon for the financial commitment to be equal to or more than the cost to play during the regular season. The time commitment is usually between 4 and 7 days a week depending on the team and the level of play. Also tournament teams will usually travel to tournaments out of town that require overnight accommodations.

Hart's goal is to field tournament teams at all levels including Filly and Senior. How many teams at each division and whether Hart fields a team at each level is determined by the league director and the softball commissioner. A number of factors are considered when determining these teams including, but not limited to, the number of players who submit their names for consideration, the number of qualified managers and the number of pitchers available. While some divisions may ultimately have no teams, other divisions may have 3 different teams.

In order for a player to be considered for a tournament team they must fill out, sign and submit the attached tournament application (which can also be found on the Hart Web Site under forms). Those applications should be turned into the league director for their division by April 18th. They can also be dropped off directly to the back of the canteen to be placed into their league director's folder.

Any player who participates in ANY activity with a club or travel softball team after March 31st is ineligible to play on a Hart tournament team.

Tournament team selection will occur at the beginning of May and practices will begin immediately following the regular season.

All-Star Teams - Each manager also selects players from their team to be on one of the all-star teams. These teams are comprised of players who are not on a tournament team. There are no all-star teams at the filly division. The all-star teams will mix girls from different regular season teams to play in a single game against each other. There is no cost to being on an all-star team. Parents do not need to submit their player's name to be on the all-star team and there are no eligibility requirements beyond that the player played during the regular season. The all-star games will all take place on Saturday May 10th.

Thanks for reading to this point. If at any time you have any questions, please do not heistate to ask me.


Brad Desser
Hart Softball Commissioner

»2014 Hart Softball Tournament Letter of Intent Form.pdf
»2014 Hart Manager Evalulation Form.pdf

Wm. S. Hart ASA Softball League Information
The William S. Hart Softball League is affiliated with ASA and competes at the recreational level “B”.

Hart Softball has won several National Championships and is considered one of the premier recreational leagues in Southern California.

Hart Softball includes teams for the following age groups: Filly (6U), Mini Minor (8U), Minor (10U), Junior (12U), and Senior/Major (14 to 18 year olds).

Our focus is on developing our young athletes to become the best softball players they can be while having fun in playing the game. This program focuses on mechanics and all the important aspects of the game that make the complete softball player.

Hart Softball has three overall seasons each year:

Fall Ball (September thru November)

Instructional for all age groups
Teams picked after tryouts. Any girl that doesn’t tryout will be placed on a team as a “hat pick”. No tryouts for Filly (6U)
One practice per week at the Hart facility. Some coaches may include a batting practice once a week at an offsite facility of their choice.
One game per week - always played on weekends. Most games are scheduled for Saturdays – however Sunday games are possible.
No game statistics or score is kept.

Spring Ball (February thru May)

Competitive Season for all age groups except Filly (6U)
Teams picked after tryouts. Any girl that doesn’t tryout will be placed on a team as a “hat pick”. No tryouts for Filly (6U)
Due to number of teams all practices are offsite and time and location is determined by the manager of the team.
Most teams practice two to three times a week with batting cages mixed into the weekly schedule.
On average most teams will play up to 20 games in a season. Games are scheduled Monday thru Sunday. There is a playoff at the end of the season with a league champion determined at the end of the playoff. Please note that Filly’s (6U) will play between 10 and 12 games during the season and there is no playoffs.
The Sr./Major league will also play inter league (teams from other leagues such as Simi Valley and West Lake, etc..) during the spring season.

Tournaments (May thru August)

Tournament teams are selected in all age groups including Filly (6U).
The number of tournament teams depends on the size of the league and talent pool.
Tournament teams will play in several weekend tournaments throughout the summer. Tournaments to be selected by the Manager and coaching staff of each team. Teams that are able to qualify will play in the ASA “B” Western Nationals in August.
Practices are held at Hart and are typically Monday thru Friday.
Please keep an eye on web site for registration dates, which will be posted prior to the dates registration is to begin. Once you are registered try out dates prior to the season beginning will be announced on the web site.

Fields are Open
All scheduled games will be played.

Log in to Arbiter Sports to schedule your DOD shifts.

Board meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the canteen meeting room.

Next meeting is April 17 due to spring break.
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